5 Star Review

My latest book, Maury C. Moose and The Ninja Worrier just received a 5 star review from Lesa McKee at Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews!

Here’s what she had to say…

“Maury C. Moose and the Ninja Worrier is a fantastic short story for children by Adam Baker. This story is part of a series, but works well as a stand alone book. In this volume, Maury’s pal, Sam R. Rhino Jr., is having a major problem since graduating college. His heroic dad, Sam Sr. a.k.a.( legendary ninja school security guard), has drafted him to be his super sidekick. The only problem is, Sam Jr. is not so super, at least when it comes to being a stealth security guard. For his dad’s sake, he tries, but fumbles and stumbles his way through his first night. Can this rhino learn to say no to his dad’s idea of a job for him so he can find his true calling?

I smiled my way through Maury C. Moose and the Ninja Worrier. The lively pictures and fine rhymes at the beginning of each chapter had me cracking up. Adam Baker’s animal antics gave my sense of humor a work-out in hilarity. Children and adults will love this dynamic tale that’s filled with fun dialogue and catchy phrases. The comedy was well balanced with the lesson of the story, which shone much brighter than Sam Jr.’s flashlight. Sam R. Rhino Jr. must become secure in his own super set of skills, and leave his security blanket ways behind him. There’s also a thoughtful poem at the end to get kids thinking about their own future dreams and goals. This book will have kids wanting to collect the rest of the series!”

I am very thankful for a great review. Click here if you would like to get a copy of the book.


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