Thank You!

Four years ago, Maury C. Moose was brought to life thanks to the generosity of 89 amazing people.

When I was first looking to create a children’s book about a moose with a punny name, I realized one thing very quickly…I needed help. I didn’t know what I was doing or how I would actually make this book a reality. I turned to Kickstarter and simply spoke from the heart.

I explained my idea, my struggle and how I could use some help. I clicked submit on the Kickstarter page and was scared to death. What if people didn’t like my idea? What if they didn’t like me? Would my dreams of writing a book be destroyed before they even started?

What happened next was amazing…

I got my first backer (shout out to Will & Julie Heher). Then I got another one. And another one. Maury C. Moose was becoming a reality right before my eyes.

On October 23, 2013 my Kickstarter campaign ended and I raised $5,725. All thanks to 89 amazing people. 

Four years later, I have turned my small idea into a children’s book series with 4 stories and dozens of ideas for what Maury can do next. I am so excited for the future of Maury and if you are one of the 89 Kickstarter backers (or anyone else who has joined along the way), I have one thing to say…


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